Usability Analysis
February 8, 2029
Pricing page, a service for designers
Things to Improve


Inconsistent call-to-action button design.

Use a consistent style for all primary call-to-action buttons to make it clear which actions are primary and to maintain visual harmony.


Overwhelming amount of text under plan descriptions.

Simplify the text and use bullet points or icons to make the information more digestible and scannable for users.


Lack of a clear value proposition for each plan.

Highlight the unique value proposition of each plan to help users quickly understand what makes each option special and worth the price.


No clear differentiation between the plans.

Use visual cues or color coding to differentiate between the plans and make it easier for users to compare them at a glance.


Ambiguity in pricing for 'Dev Mode only' options.

Clarify the 'Dev Mode only' pricing with tooltips or a brief explanation to ensure users understand what they are selecting.


No information on what happens after selecting a plan.

Provide information on the next steps after a plan is selected to set the right expectations and guide users through the process.


The 'Contact sales' button for the Enterprise plan might deter self-service users.

Offer a self-service option for users who prefer it, alongside the 'Contact sales' option for those who want more personalized assistance.


The toggle between Figma and FigJam is not prominent.

Make the product toggle more prominent to ensure users are aware they can view pricing for different products.


No clear indication of the most popular or recommended plan.

Highlight a recommended plan to help users make a decision by indicating which plan is most popular or provides the best value.


The 'Learn more' link under the Enterprise plan is not visually connected to the plan.

Place the 'Learn more' link closer to the plan description or integrate it into the plan details to improve the visual connection.

Design Review
February 8, 2029
Pricing page, a service for designers